Monday, 28 June 2010

A triumph (no, not England in South Africa!)

Practically speaking
Fantastic news! I’ve recently been instructed to carry out an inventory survey for Tamworth Borough Council

and spent a very happy morning last week with the Tree Officer, Marc Budge, looking at the variety of trees that he is responsible for, and their settings – highway verges (very familiar from my days in Milton Keynes) to parks and gardens.

I can add nothing to my most recent comment about the Registered Social Landlord’s project - it is still nearing completion! I have sought support from an experienced project manager and his ability to oversee the daily progress of the project is making a big difference to me.

For more about the particular tree management software that we are using then access the ARBORtrack web site at:

Another tree management project concerns a population under TPO in a private road near Solihull, a mix of limes and horse chestnut, some in good condition, some in terminal decline. I have submitted an application for consent to work on those trees over a five-year period; I look forward to learning the local planning authority’s view of my proposals.

I visited West Ealing last week to start the long-term management of the tree population at the Hanger Hill Garden Estate, an Arts and Crafts development in West London. I have carried out the walkover survey, that which remains (in this phase!) is the post-processing of the data (tabulating all my field notes!) and its analysis before developing tender documents for the priority tree works.

Our project for Oxford City Council is going well, we are approaching the end of the data capture for the housing managers and will shortly move into the open spaces.

I have submitted a PQQ for Buckinghamshire County Council for the management of thier green spaces:

I look forward to hearing good news and to being invited to contribute to the next phase!

Expressly interesting
Along with a number of development site tree surveys to the requirements of BS5837 I’ve expressed interest in a project advertised in Horticulture Week

for the Environment Agency in Yorkshire, Northumbria and North Derbyshire, but have not yet heard from them

Another initiative makes reference to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard

and so I shall be conducting some research into how I can get the group registered under the scheme.

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