Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February already

Expressly interesting
Well, you would believe it – the project for the Registered Social Landlord is still taking shape:
· I have not yet got the resources that I will need, and
· I still need more would-be assessors or surveyors to contact me, and
· the plan of attack remains sketchy – two projects need to be delivered at the same time using one piece of computer hardware and software!

The resource planning is taking time but I hope that if I follow the maxim of the 6Ps (let alone the 7th!) I’ll end up smiling! “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

I’ve organised two part-time assessors for the second job in the Midlands; one is tasked with capturing new records, the other with verifying the existing data. So far, a halting start but there’s plenty of time to go yet!

My offer to the London borough has been met by a thunderous silence – clearly I was too cautious and I suspect negotiations have been entered into with another party.

Thank you if you are one of those arboricultural professionals who has responded to my call for information about infections for the Tree Diseases Conference organised by the RFS/RASE in April. Please do keep sending your observations in to me so that my presentation can be as helpful as possible to those in the audience who are listening.

The project for the BBC in Birmingham (about salt damage to highway trees) is still exciting interest, my contacts continue to suggest locations and contributions, so my thanks to all of you.

Practically speaking
Because of the weather, and other service commitments, there is still one tree to be felled on my small service delivery contract – it’ll happen soon I’ve no doubt!

The architect has now submitted a revised scheme for planning consent in Nuneaton; I hope that the proposed development will get the green light.