Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New business? Let's hope so

More interest!
One of my clients has encouraged me to investigate how I can increase my surveying capacity on his project for a short period, in order to try to align my spend with his budget for the year.

Another strong prospect seems to be emerging as a real opportunity, and so I might be in the market for another MobileMapper CX loaded with DigiTerra Explorer software early in the new year. A second prospect, for a large-scale inventory survey, that I have been nurturing for some time may begin to see the light of day before Christmas . . . Both will depend upon our ability to produce client ready data in the field and so reduce our post-processing costs to a minimum.

Research projects
As I have written before, I am interested in research projects where I might be able to address the question in my own right, or act as the “glue” to hold together and manage a team of experienced, niche, specialists in order to draw out the required response to the client’s brief.

There are a number of projects in the offing at the moment; I have considered one of those projects more fully since my last blog and have decided not to proceed. I did not feel that I had enough time to locate the experienced professionals that I needed, for example experts in researching historic landscapes, archivists, archaeologists and so on, and to get them on-side in time to meet the client’s deadline.

In passing I suspect that the pool of recognised (and so acceptable and credible) experts is quite shallow and so in order to form a wining project team one has to be quick off the mark!

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